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BJ Rossberg & Associates is in the business of helping clients with a wide spectrum of needs by providing cutting-edge information, services, and opportunities so that families may prosper for generations.

Protecting Assets & Building Legacies
One Family at a Time

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Providing Clients Around the Globe Financial Success

BJ Rossberg & Associates has helped dozens of successful clients around the globe manage their assets in the United States of America. Our clients range from independent personas to multi-national corporations.  Our team puts together a strategy for the client to build their wealth, build the value of their assets, and make sure that their money is working for them and safe to meet their goals.  We handle the hard work of working through your portfolio and building a strategy that meets and exceeds your financial goals.

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Foreign Nationals

Helping Non-Resident Clients to Plan Ahead for U.S. Tax Realities


Asset Management

Helping Clients to Maximize the Potential of Their Real Assets


Capital Gain Guardian

Helping Clients Access Value Now and Defer Taxes for Decades

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Legacy Protection

There are some simple steps that need to be taken to protect assets